Homeschool and Aspergers


This picture is from our first day 3 YEARS ago. Next Monday I’ll begin our last year before sending our boy to a specialized school for middle school. I’ve learned a lot over time. I don’t know how much of my experiences can be generalized to help other people on their way, but I’ll throw it out there in ‘internet bloggy land’ and hope that something will be of use to someone.

HZ who was diagnosed with Aspergers by a neuropsychologist 2 years ago  is now 11 and going into the 5th grade. Noops is our 9 year old daughter and going into the 4th grade at our local public school.  I’m staying at home for now doing the kid thing and ‘Pops’ is an engineer that brings home the bacon. ‘Goldie’, our retriever, rounds out our family and brings us much trouble joy.