babyjalapenopicThere is a cute video that goes with this. I’m trying to put it up, but just in case I don’t. Enjoy this lame picture that will make sense later. I’m challenging myself to put up a post everyday to learn more about technology and to keep my neurons firing. Right now I’m battling a hacking, cranky kid and forgot my password to the “k9 protection” safety computer filter which is stopping me from uploading my video to you tube.


foodgawker vs. foodhawker

I love looking, drooling, and dreaming over the images at! I imagine myself being a foodie blogger and being a super picture-taker-jedi-master. So in a fit of self-delusion, I tried snapping a photo of my blueberry cobbler concoction.
This did not turn out well for me. So I ate it.

Then I regretted it. There was a lot of ice cream that went on top of it, after all.

I left a bite to demonstrate self control to myself. Did I mention I was delusional?

Looks like I hawked it up!  I’ll be a proud member of the foodhawker club instead of foodgawker, for now.