Yogurt and zipper mishaps



Total random association memory while eating Chobani yogurt this morning.

I knew a girl whose name actually rhymed with Chobani. Her name was Lelani. One fall morning her sister, who always had awesome feathered 80’s hair, got the zipper of her windbreaker caught in the skin of her throat. We took her to the doctor because her parents weren’t home. He cut out the zipper from her skin And the process was not pleasant.

I’m still slightly fearful of zippers to this day. I wonder if I’ll always think of zippers now when I eat Chobani because it rhymes with Lelani.

Brains are weird.

SNL audience member behavior

image   This is photo represents a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde….a rational behavior/insane magical thinking….among SNL audience members when they enter the theatre to take their seats For a performance.

1) Rational thinking: I’m going to sit happily in the seat shown to me by wonderful NBC pages and enjoy the show. Nutty Behavior: Striking up a sob story to said pages on why you MUST be able to get floor seats even though everyone else wants the same thing!

2)Rational thinking: I’m going to clap then stop at the appropriate time. Nutty Behavior: I’m the coolest because I had the final clap after a sketch. Oh yeah that last clap solidified my coolness as a human being and greatly contributed to the show overall.

3)Rational thinking: I’m going to cheer on the talented cast and crew in a sufficient way so they feel appreciated. Nutty behavior: My ‘Wahoo’s’ are epic. I’m so going to hear myself when I get home and impress all of my friends. I’ll say ‘hey, that was MY WAHOO.’   People will slap my back in congratulations and chug their beers.

Seriously, next time you watch SNL you will hear the ‘last clappers’ and intermittent ‘wahoo’ers and then I will hear your eyes roll. (-:

My SNL Experience! (Part 4: Getting our seats)


 We were instructed to find ‘Jen’s Line’ in the congrats-you-won-tickets email. So there’s Jen and here we are in line after showing my driver’s license and receiving tickets. There were other lines: stand-by people line, and two other lines. One was certainly for friends and family (Jen kept hugging these people which was weird) and I couldn’t figure out the other line. I regret not going up and asking them what that line was all about.  I don’t think it was the ‘pretty people’ line, though.

Here’s another view of the line:



By the way, the building is beautiful with incredible Art Deco features from the 1930’s. So anyway, we wait forever and then we finally go through metal detectors  and get to the elevators which take us to our seats (no floor seats for us). We go on tiny elevators with peacock carpet and then go in a tiny hall lined with sketch photos from years past.        So. Cool. 

The pages opened the doors to the set and we took our seats. Not the best seats but not the worst, either. Truly I was grateful to be there. My butt enjoyed sitting in those yellow Yankee stadium seats!

Finally, on Friday I’ll give you live show details. As Poehler and Fey would say, ‘Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow’.


My SNL Experience! (Part 3: killing time ’till show time)





No ‘cronut’ at Ansel’s Bakery Saturday morning,  but that was just fine. The ‘frozen s’more’ was delectable and divine. Afterwards, we walked the High Line. I recommend doing this for the spectacular views of the city and ambiance.

We made it back to the hotel in plenty of time to get cleaned up and ready for  the show. All about it tomorrow!


My SNL Experience (Part 2: Friday night)



We arrived in NYC Friday night and stayed at the Omni Berkshire. Hotels in midtown are $$$$$ but worth it to be near the action. The hotel was clean, friendly, and convenient. My sister and BIL called ahead and had bubbly waiting for my husband and I.sparkly

We let it continue to chill and caught the subway to the Comedy Cellar. We were a little late for a show so had a bite next door . We caught a cab back to the hotel, popped open the bubbles, and then……. High fived our exhausted selves and passed out like a cliche, middle-age Rom-Com movie script.cellar

Saturday Night Live Experience! (Part 1: Lottery and Leaving)

Want tickets to see Saturday Night Live?  Good luck on getting them because there are only TWO ways to snag a pair.

1)Sleep outside 30 Rock the night before like a homeless person at a CHANCE for standby tickets.

2) Enter the ‘ticket lottery’ only during the month of August by sending your name, address, and phone number in an email to snltickets@nbcuni.com.   You do not get to choose/request dates. Tickets are for either the dress rehearsal or the live performance. If you do receive tickets be THRILLED at your good fortune for this rare opportunity! Over 60,000 fans send emails in August hoping for tickets!

I heard that Kenneth the NBC page sorts through every email and picks out the ones with the funniest subject lines and rewards those people with tickets.

I’m pulling your leg. Probably all computer generated.

Soooo, if you are lucky you’ll receive something that looks like this:

congratsletterI had a little over 3 1/2 weeks to make arrangements.


1) Board the pup.

2) Ship the kids.

3) Hop a plane.